Rolling   Prairie   Course   Tour

#8 - 428ft - Pro Par 3

"Driver's Training (The ams can't throw that far)"

At 428 feet, you must have a sunburnt belly (inside joke) to duece this brother. Oh, sure. You can try to get there, but I bet you a Jaguar is a putter you can't. You can try a rollio-for-Andy-O. Or maybe a tommy for Tony. You could just be classic and air-it-out for Benno or Vun. Even if you don't get it there, it's ok. We still love you. This is a pretty striaght hole and could decide Goldberg's fate.

Recommended disc(s) for drive: Shark, DWK4L autographed pink HD Hawk

Enter your name in the history books, get Goldberg.
Losers, click here