"Discgolfa   of   tha   Month"

Each month, you can cast your vote for "Discgolfa of tha Month." If you think that you or someone you know should be "DOTM," please cast your vote in the form below. Check back on the first of every month to see the newest "Discgolfa of tha Month!"


October 2000: 2 years later, the first and original discgolfa of tha month is back to prove he is still a force to be feared. Can you dig it?

Past Winners

OCTOBER 1998: Joshua Redfield
NOVEMBER 1998: David Kimmel
DECEMBER 1998: Andrew Cerv
JANUARY 1999: Andrew Cerv
FEBRUARY 1999: Andrew Cerv
MARCH 1999: Luke Redfield
APRIL 1999: Luke Redfield
MAY 1999: Paul Meier
JUNE 1999: Luke Redfield
JULY 1999: Bob Cerv
AUGUST 1999: Luke Redfield
SEPTEMBER 1999: Alex Hill
OCTOBER 1999: Andrew Cerv
NOVEMBER 1999: Andrew Cerv
DECEMBER 1999: Andrew Cerv
JANUARY 2000: Luke Redfield
FEBRUARY 2000: Luke Redfield
MARCH 2000: Joshua Redfield
APRIL 2000: Joshua Redfield
MAY 2000: Paul Meier
JUNE 2000: Micki Kimmel
JULY 2000: Linh Ngyuen
AUGUST 2000: Travis Flores
SEPTEMBER 2000: Bill Hulbert

Thanks to all who have helped make this contest such a huge success! Congratulations to all of the past winners! And good luck to all of you trying to make it in 2000! Don't forget, your vote counts! You never know, you could be the next "Discgolfa of tha Month!"


If the person you vote for wins, we will notify both you and the winner. Or just you, if you're selfish and voted for yourself.

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