You think you're sweet? Well, you're not very sweet unless you're a member of the best club in the world! Yes, "The Dukey Boy Fan Club" is the sweetest club in the world. And you are not sweet enough until you're a member! So, what are you waiting for? Join today! If you don't, you're just not sweet.


For joining, you'll recieve lots of goodies including a news letter four times a year! You will also get a merchandise catalog with great offers on items such as: Club T-shirts, caps, and Dukeyboy brand Sun glasses! You will also be entered in club contests held at least twice a year! In the contests, you'll have a chance to win great merchandise or autograghs by Dukey himself!

To join, just send e-mail to the address below and tell us your name, age, e-mail address, and where you live! Also, specify weather you would like to join online (see below) or be sent newsletters in the mail.

Join "The Dukey Boy Fan Club Online!" By joining online, you'll be e-mailed a news letter once a month instead of four times a year. You'll be sent the catalog by e-mail. And you'll have chances to be entered in great members-only contests! So, don't delay, join today!

The price? You want to know what the price is? Well, (you won't believe this one) it's FREE! Yes, FREE! If you decide to join by mail, a $6.00 fee per year will be charged to cover shipping & handling.