Discgolf Stars

A monthly on-line magazine publication of Luke Enterprises and is available exclusively on the "Rolling Prairie" Discgolf webpage.

ABOVE: Our friends (from L to R), Josh Redfield, Scott Kimmel, and brother Mike do a little gang-bangin' before their round at the prairie.

Discgolf Stars - Coming Soon!

Coming soon to computers Everywhere!...Author "Duke of Discgolf" will include stories, games, photos, contests and more. "This will be a great on-line magazine" he says. "Discgolf Stars" will only be veiwable on this webpage....the Alliance Discgolf webpage. This is something to look forward to! In the words of the great Zach "I could beat Scott at discgolf because I've played Ultimate before" Harvey, "Get sweet, buddy!"

Discgolf Stars:

FEBRUARY 18, 1999