Watch a Pro

Welcome to "Lessons from the Prairie." A online discgolf lesson. Today, our teacher is a fine gentleman by the name of Caleb Hielscher. Watch below as he shows off his exceptional discgolfing abilities.

You gotta teach us how to do that, Hielscher!!!

Watch and learn as Hielscher demonstrates discgolf at it's best. Watch as he hits that tree. Wow! That was choice, dude. Hey, it's tougher to hit a small tree than it is to get a hole-in-one. Now see Hielscher's dog chase down Hielscher's "slower than a snail" throw. That was pro discgolfing for certain. And now, Hielscher's dad with a great throw only to be knocked down by Hilescher himself. Hielscher, you gotta teach us how to stand in the way of discs like that! Watch now, as Hielscher performs classic discgolfing skills. Throwing over the basket. And now, hitting the basket! Hielscher, you are da man!