Answer all 10 questions correctly and win a new golf disc --it's that easy!!!

Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. Good luck!

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#1 - With which disc did Scott Stokely toss the world record throw of 694 feet?

#2 - What does PDGA stand for?

#3 - As of now, how many world championships has Ken Climo won?

#4 - What is Laron Harris' nickname?

#5 - Name 3 new discs Innova introduced in 1999

#6 - In what city can you find the legendary DeLaVeaga disc golf course?

#7 - What U.S. state is holding the 2001 World championship?

#8 - Which 1999 Ice Bowl location saw the temperature fall to 15 degrees below zero and had 28 inches of snow on the ground?

#9 - Of putter, driver, roller, or mid-range, what is Millennium's Aurora disc most commonly used for?

#10 - What is the name of Innova's basket target?

OFFICIAL RULES: 1)Contest open to any U.S. resident. 2)Entrants are only allowed to enter once. Multiple entries will result in disqualification. 3)EVERYONE who correctly answers all 10 questions on their first attempt, will receive a FREE brand new PDGA-approved disc. Winners will be notified by e-mail and immediately sent his/her disc.