Dukey's   Polaris   Tribute   Page

On August 19th, 1998 a treasured member of my disc family breathed no more. My all-time favorite disc was thrown mercifully into Laing Lake by a man named Hielscher. Why did I let Hielscher use my favorite disc on hole number four? I will never know. I guess it was just meant to be. The clock had struck on my favorite disc and "Rolling Prairie" discgolf course had claimed it's first victom.

My favorite disc was a yellow Polaris LS. I loved my LS. I loved it so much that I even gave him a name. Yes, "Laron" was the name of the disc that I loved so much. We had so many memories together. I even remember the day I got him like it was yesterday. No, I'll never forget the day a bought him from that white-haired, yo-yo dude at the mall. I was so excited when I bought my first Polaris.

Even though Laron never quite got me an ace, he provided many memorable ace-runs and birdies. He was always the disc that I reached for and believed in for the clutch shots. And more times than not, he came through. I am positive that he would have sooner or later delivered me an ace had he lived to see the day. But thank you, Hielscher. You made sure he wouldn't. Father, forgive him for he knows not what he does.

Oh, sure. I can purchase another LS. But that won't bring back Laron and the joy that came with him. You see, Laron and I had a special kind of bond. I believed in him and he believed in me. Laron was a very special disc. I was privileged to call him my own.

On August 19th, Laron's legacy came to an unexpected and immature fate. In the hands of Hielscher, Laron did not deserve his death. But I guess it was my fault for letting Hielscher throw him (Forgive me, Laron). In no way do I hold a grudge against my disc's murderer. I believe it was Laron's time to go. Hielscher must now deal with reality and the consequences it brings. Farewell my friend. You have served me, and you have served me well. You will forever be missed.

"You have gone to a better place. At rest at the foot of the ocean, you will violently be thrashed against the chains no more."


Yellow, 171 gram, Millennium Polaris LS, Rest in Peace.