DKM Most Memorable Moments

1 - 2001...With two holes remaining and a two stroke lead, the only thing seperating Omaha's Chris Oien from his second consecutive DKM Open crown was the infamous monster lake hole #17. The choices on this hole are simple; crush a drive over 320 feet of water to the island that houses basket #17, or lay up on the beach for a safe four. Oien's nearest competitors, Fort Collins' John Schiller and Kirk Young watched as Oien proceeded to throw three consecutive drives into the drink, on his way to a triple-circle 9. Schiller and Young both parred Nebraska's most notorious hole, as Oien slipped from a sure 1st to a 3rd place finish. "That's the first and only nine I've ever gotten in a tournament," said Oien. When asked why he didn't play conservative for the victory, Chris replied, " I didn't drive 8 hours to lay-up." To Chris' credit, he finally did clear the water. However, we are still wondering whether it was by his own strength or if Laing Lake was just too full after being served Chef Chris' 3-course dinner.

Other Tin Cup stories from the DKM come in 2 and 3...

2 - 2000...Tony Dutiel of Omaha drops $27 worth of fresh plastic into the Mighty Laing on hole #10, holding up 3 foursomes and delaying lunch break from noon until 1 p.m. While most of the tourney's hungry participants snacked on subs, Tony took a dip in the lake and snorkled for his lost friends.

3 - 2002...Rapid City's Scott Caesar took a quadruple-circle 11 on hole #17, to drop 8 strokes and 7 spots on the leader board, spoiling his professional debut. As far as we know, this is the highest score carded on a single hole in the tournament's history.

The lowest score carded on a single hole is the tourney's only recorded ace...

4 - 2001...Omaha's Kenny Scdoris Jr. aced the dangerous, competely O.B. surrounded, 130-foot hole #12. As other self-heralded disc golf geniuses attempted to skip off of concrete and bank their discs off of parked cars, Kenny Jr. resorts to traditional measures -- a classic little hyzer.

More Memorable Moments...

5 - 2002...Prank is pulled on entire tourney field, in the guise of a distance contest. As the big guns stretched out their arms and and dreamt for a state distance the more feeble arms pondered their chances at throwing the roller of their Mr. Bill and Chris Oien worried about the official measuring system being used, tournament officials started dragging out suspicious boxes. As the contents were emptied, contestants realized the discs they were about to throw were not their Innovas and Discrafts. No, these were disc craps. Prairie pancakes. Cow chips. Contest winner Jason Hansen celebrated in exuberence until bedtime. Upon arriving back at his motel, Jason discovered a complimentary cow chip on his pillow, courtesy Chris and Amy.

6 - 2001...Feeling guilty for desiging a lake hole so treacherous, a contrite Mike Kimmel dives into Laing Lake, in an attempt to recover some of the day's lost multitude of discs. Alliance's Brandon Dorenbach follows suit and retrieves enough of Chris Oien's discs to get Chris to buy him supper at Zesto.

7- 1999...Cervesa places much lower than expected, after talking himself up much.

8 - 2000...Cervesa places much lower than expected, after talking himself up much.

9 - 2001...Cervesa places much lower than expected, after talking himself up much.

10 - 2002...The Duke salvages his poor tourney by becoming the tourney's first golfer to park and bird hole #17. When asked about his achievement, Duke said "Give me a beat, this is no small feat / while most of y'all go around the lake and cheat / I throw over it, all 330 feet / got the peeps on the park benches outta their seats"

11 - 2002...Chris Oien returns to glory and sets a B to B course record of a sick -5 on his way to a rout of the Open division. The humble Oien referring to his accomplishment: "You do what you can do. Dude, I missed so many putts out there."

12 - 1999...Cervesa and Mike Birch go 7 playoff holes, and prolong the award ceremony. When the grudge match is all said and done, Cervesa discovers there is one person on this planet that he has a mental edge on -- Mike Birch.

13 - 1999...At the conclusion of the awards ceremony where everyone was guaranteed to get something, The Duke re-assured no one would go away empty handed by asking the field "Who didn't get anything?" One of the juniors raised his hand in excitement. "Here, have a box" were the words he heard from Duke. An empty shoe box used for score cards is what he received from Duke.

14 - 2002...Anita Jackson wins the Women's Pro division by not even being in Alliance. A trophy was made for her in advanced as tourney organizers assumed her attendence.

15 - 2002...Joe Hyberger, Jay Thompson, and Nick Lovett pull an all-nighter, as they journey across the whole state of Nebraska just to play in the tourney. Sleep deprivation proved beneficial to Joe especially, as he captured 2nd place in Open.

16 - 2002...During awards ceremony Micki Kimmel Weinman is serenaded by Mr. Bill, Scott and Mike Kimmel, and Duke Williams. "...oh Micki you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Micki...hey, Micki..."

17 - 2002...After being labeled sandbagger by some, novice by others, Cervesa jumps from Intermediate to Advanced after 4 years in the sport.

18 - 2002...Cervesa places much lower than expected, after talking himself up much.