Dukey's MR. Bean Episode Guide

Episode #/Title/Year released/Dukey's rating (up to five stars)

1 - MR. Bean - 1989 (* * * *) The first episode ever is a classic! The exam, beach, and church. It doesn't get much better than this. The premiere episode is real good Bean.

2 - Return of MR. Bean - 1990 (* * * *) Department store and restaurant, followed by the Queen scene, which is one of the top five scenes in Bean history! Four stars again!

3 - The Curse of MR. Bean - 1990 (* * * * *) The "Swimming Pool" and "Parking Ramp" make this one of the more likable Beans, not to mention, one of the best Beans. The "Diving Board" is great! It's even better once he falls in! After the pool, he drops down to the park bench for Lunch, and then he's off to a scary movie date. I don't know why, but for some reason this is my favorite episode.

4 - The Trouble With MR. Bean - 1991 (* * * *) Would have been five stars if not for the lame picnic scene. Other than that, this one's a beauty. How can you foreget the "Dressing in the Car" and the "Dentist" even if you want to? "Chasing the wasp" is ok the first time, but if you watch it more than once, it gets old real quick.

5 - MR. Bean Goes to Town - 1991 (* * 1/2) The first Bean show to fall below three stars. The "Television" is a little boring. "Club Phut" is pretty good, but that good. This one provides some sweet Bean moments, but nothing special. It is pretty sweet to see Bean dance, though, isn't it?

6 - Do it Yourself, MR. Bean - 1991 (* * * *) Another one very close to five stars. But one histarical laugh short. One of my favorite episodes sees Bean host a New Year's Eve party and the day after, remodels his house. One of the most famous scenes in Bean history occurs when he drives his car from atop. If you haven't seen this one, you're not a Bean fan!

7 - Merry Christmas, MR. Bean - 1992 (* * * * *) Simply the best Bean of all time. This one contains the most famous Bean scene ever; the turkey. That's not the reason for it's five-star rating, though. This one takes home five because of it's non-stop laughter it causes. After the first scene, which is a little boring, "Merry Christmas" picks up and never looks back.This one's good year round, but it's even sweeter during the Christmas season!

8 - Mind the Baby, MR. Bean - 1992 (* * * 1/2) Bean finds himself watching a baby at the Fun Fair. An excellent show through-out, but not really any classic Bean moments. Still, it's worth a watch. I used to hate this episode, but after a few watches, it's becoming favorite.

9 - MR. Bean in Room 426 - 1992 (* * * *) This Bean is good. Real good. Bean tries to have his way an unlucky guest while staying at a hotel. Another solid 4-star performence from Rowan. I was wondering, just how many times does Bean lose his pants in the whole series?

10 - MR. Bean Rides Again - 1992 (* * * 1/2) This is a good episode which has Bean trying to revive a man who's just suffered a heart-attack, as well as packing for a trip. He then leaves on a train, followed by a air-plane trip he'd like to forget. This is average Bean, but still good. You can kinda tell the series is on it's way down, though.

11 - Back to School, MR. Bean - 1993 (* * *) Has some great moments including the most under-rated moment in Bean history, losing his pants at karate class. But also has too many boring parts. Almost 3 1/2 stars, but not quite.

12 - Tee Off, MR. Bean - 1993 (* 1/2) I got really excited when I heard I was gonna be watching MR. Bean golf. It starts off very funny in the "Launderette." I was thinking, this was gonna be a good one, but then I got disappointed in a hurry. This is the sorriest Bean episode they made. I'm still puzzled why they released this one, when they could have made it much funnier. The "Laundry" scene makes a good attempt to save it, but the golf is just too bad.

13 - Good Night, MR. Bean - 1993 (* * *) "Hospital" is great, "Bedroom" scene is more cute than funny. But dressing-up the guard has got to go. That scene certainly represents it's case and challenges "Mini-golf" for "Worst Bean Scene" of all-time.

14 - Hair by MR. Bean of London -1995 (* * *) The last (well, let's hope they make more) episode of Bean.The "Barber Shop" scene is a thrill to expierience for the first time. The "Pet Show" is creative. But the "Train" scene is like the "Park" in #4, seeing it once is seeing it enough. It saddens me to know that the "Train" scene is the last scene in the Bean series. Oh, please make another episode! Please!

15 - Reflections of Mr. Bean/The Best Bits of Mr. Bean - 1996 (* * * *) Not actually a new episode. This one finds Bean searching threw the attic for an umbrella. While searching, he finds many items that cause him to remember and flashback to some of his greatest moments. The reason it recieves only four, not five stars is because, in my opinion, they leave out some of his funniest scenes and replace them with average Bean. "Reflections" airs on television, while "Best Bits" is a slightly modified version available on video.

SKETCH - "The Library" (* * * *) This is a good scene which has Bean in a bit of trouble as he wrecks a valuable book. I wonder why they don't include this on any of the full episodes?

SKETCH - "The Bus Stop" (*) Well, I can see why this one never made it. It's good for one chuckle, if any.

MOVIE - "Bean: the Ultimate Disaster Movie" - 1997 (* * *) This is a treat to experiance if you've never seen Bean before. But if you've seen any of the T.V. series, it takes away from this full-legnth feature that hit U.S. theaters in Fall of 1997. They use many of the same ideas from the show in the movie, and for me, it just seems like the writers weren't very creative. There are some new scenes that are great, but nothing spectacular. But, please don't get me wrong, this is a good movie, and if you haven't seen it, you should.

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