people have gotten sweet and played Bean Trivia

Dukey's MR. Bean Trivia

1. What is Bean's girlfriend named?

2. What kind of car does Bean drive?

3. What percent did Bean recieve in history?

4. What is Bean's address?

5. What is Bean's lisence plate number?

6. What kind of car is that blue three-wheeler Bean picks on?

7. What language is the pastor speaking at church?

8. What does Bean's car get smashed by?

9. What is the name of the club Bean and his girlfriend go to?

10. What is the name of the actor that plays "MR. Bean"?


1. Irma Gobb

2. An Austin Mini

3. 35%

4. 12 Arbor Road, London

5. SLW 2878

6. A Reliant Robin

7. Latin

8. A tank

9. Club Phut

10. Rowan Atkinson

How'd you do?

10 questions right - You're better than Dukey! You cheated, too!

8-9 - Dukeyish.

6-7 - You're a really big Bean fan!

4-5 - You're a big Bean fan!

3-4 - You're a Bean fan!

1-2 - You've probably seen the show once or twice.

0 - You really need to start watching more Bean!

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