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April 22, 1999 - Paul Meier delivers first Prairie ace

It's been done. For all those hero-wannabes that had hopes of delivering the first hole-in-one at the Prairie, your hopes are dashed...courtesy Paul Meier. On April 20, 1999 Paul stepped to the recreational tee box on hole number one not expecting anything, he let the disc fly...CHING. Just like that, the first Prairie ace-hunt was over. Just like that, Meier got his name into the coveted Rolling Prairie Hall of Fame. The Hall is home now to only two names, Meier and the notorious Mike Kimmel, holder of all four course records. Until someone breaks Kimmel's record(s) or gets another ace, it will stay this way.

Congratulations, Paul! You are forever entered in the history books at the Prairie. Now, if only you can do an encore in the tournament.

January 13, 1999 - A Prairie tourny in '99?

With the growing popularity of discgolf in Alliance, a tournament for the summer of 1999 is possible. Now, this is not for sure, but I believe it can be done. If anyone is interested in taking part in an Alliance discgolf tourny sometime this year, please contact me as soon as possible. Weather it be you'd help organize the tourny, or you would just like to play, e-mail me now.


APRIL 13, 1999 Unless you're really naive, you know that we are having a tournament on Saturday July 17th, 1999.

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