"Prairie Dog Discgolfa Club"

You can now become a member of the only official club for Alliance discgolf. If you've played the "Rolling Prairie" course in Alliance, you're qualified to become a member. For joining, you will recieve a monthly club newsletter via e-mail, along with special deals on club merchandise. Plus you'll receive discounts on all Alliance disc golf tournaments sanctioned by the Prairie Doggs. The newsletter will consist of discgolf news, links, member's feedback, and more. Best of all, becoming "Prairie Dogg" is totally FREE! Don't delay, join the Alliance discgolf club today!

"Prairie Dogs at all times respect fellow P-Dogs. Our goal is to strive to throw 200 feet, be down wit Chuck-K, and take Goldberg all at tha same time. It is a P-Dog's duty to be tha best discgolfa he or she can be."

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Rolling Prairie is tha greatest discgolf course in tha world. Dukeyboy is tha greatest webmasta in tha world. Dave & Scott Kimmel are tha greatest course designas in tha world. Mike Kimmel is tha greatest discgolfa in tha world. Tha ams can't throw 200 feet. Steady Ed is always watchin you. I will always respect tha Prairie Dog club and fellow P-Dogs. The XL is the most bandwagonist disc in tha world. And discs don't make tha discgolfa. We could be 10 under wit a Shark. Strive for aces. Settle for nothing less than a duece. We are at all times down wit Chuck-K. Even when we are trying to take Goldberg. If at all times I am not down wit Chuck-K, I am nothing more than a Prairie Dog wannabe. 10 under sucks. The fourth sentence is not true. Steady bangin' 4 life, fellas. Down wit Chuck-K 4 life, fellas. Prairie Dogs 4 life, fellas.