Discgolfa   of   tha   Month!

Each month, you can cast your vote for "Discgolfa of tha Month." If you think that you or someone you know should be the next "DOTM" e-mail me with your vote. Check back on the 1st of every month to see the next "Discgolfa of the Month!"

Well, it was a close race this month with many votes coming in. But Dave Kimmel pulled it off and he is the newest "Discgolfa of tha Month!" Tyler Brown, Tom Fehon, Joe Wooley, and Luke Redfield came very close but couldn't knock off Kimmel who recieved 30% of the votes. Thank you to all that voted, please keep the votes coming this month. Congratulations to Kimmel, and good luck to everyone running for the coveted December "DOTM." Will Kimmel repeat? Will Josh Redfield re-claim the award? Or will we see a new face win "DOTM?" We can only guess, hope, wait and see.

Vote for next "DOTM" to be named December 1st!


Past "DOTM" Winners