"Discgolfa   of   tha   Month"

Each month, you can cast your vote for "Discgolfa of tha Month." If you think that you or someone you know is worthy of the award, e-mail me with your vote. Check back on the 1st of every month to see the next "DOTM!"

January 1999 - Andrew Cerv

Wow! It was such a great race this month! It looked like Andy's big brother Robbie had it all sealed up early in the month with his "Doomsday Plan." Then Luke Redfield made a valiant run at the prize only to come up short. Yes, Andy Cerv is the first ever two-time "Discgolfa of tha Month." Also in the mix this month were Tyler Brown and Toro Maddness, but niether really represented a threat on Cerv who had this thing sealed thanks to his late December vote-getting. This was by far the closest race we've had with Andy recieving 35% of all votes. Redfield, still trying to follow in his brother's footsteps came close this month but finished second with 30% of the votes. Robbie recieved 25%, with Toro and Tyler each nabbing 5% of the votes.

Who will it be next month? It could be you. Please keep those votes coming. We've had excellent response to this contest, please keep it up! It doesn't work without you! And I think we've maintained our goal so far by preventing Hielscher and Robbie Cerv from not winning. If we can continue that, we will be successful. Check back February 1st for thw next winner. Until then, congratulations, Andrew Cerv! You are the first ever 1999 Discgolfa of tha Month!!!

Andy's Quick Facts

Full Name: Andrew Robert Franklin Cerv
Favorite course: Rolling Prairie (Alliance, NE)
Favorite disc: Shark
Favorite discgolfer: Josh Redfield
Claim to Fame: Parred hole #7 at Rolling Prairie
Hobbies: Video games & watching wrestling
Movie: "Soggy Baby Cone Disease Part III"
TV Shows: WWF & WCW 
Music Group: Whoever plays the "QB Club '98" theme song

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