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JUNE 1999 - Luke Redfield

After letting Paul Meier pull a miracle victory in May, Redfield decided to do it up again. This is Luke's 4th time taking home the award, making him the only person ever to pull the feat. Andy Cerv is 2nd all-time with 3 awards. Now, the burning question remains, will Cerv return and tie Redfield, or has he seen his 15 minutes of fame. Only time will tell. Check back July 1st to find out. And remember, YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Luke's Quick Facts

Full Name: Luke William Redfield
Favorite course: Rolling Prairie (Alliance, NE)
Favorite disc: Ching Sniper
Favorite discgolfer: Laron Harris
Hobbies: Music, Basketball, Scrabble
Movie: "Soggy Baby Cone Disease Part III"
TV Show: WCW
Music: Everything, besides Country
Quotes: "Robbie Cerv and Caleb Hielscher, I'm sick of you're talk. You know I could waste you both anyday. So I've two words for you, Suck it!"

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