Prairie Dogg Press Presents
Monthly Dose of Smack
September 2000

By Rowdy Robbie

What do the notorious one and disc golf have in common? They are unique, as the "Big Dog" Wayne Brown would say. All in one. Cervesa is disc golf at its greatest. Can he be beat? No. Luke Redfield gots nothin, down where it counts and in the skill department. Yes, and he calls himself TMG. What does this stand for? Too much gayness? Yes, I think our hero bats from the other side.
Then there is Michael Birch. He choked on hole 7 in the first DKMT and vowed his revenge. He got it, yes he got it despite cervesa's 3 double bogeys while still managing to tie Michael Birch in the second round. He's probably wearing that t-shirt every day. It's probably the only one he owns. Get a haircut, Birch.
Caleb "Noah, Bandwagon Boy - slash - I Will Never be Able to Take a Joke - slash - Oh Tinny!" Hielscher. All I have to do is say that and anyone will know about this dork.
Scott "I am so smart, I'm gonna get a PT cruiser, Rich Boy" Kimmel...Luke's partner? Who knows? Seem to always be together.
Ah, and the BIG SHOW, Paul Meier. I'm sure Luke was hiding in a car driving on Emerson avenue taking pictures as Paul mooned his wife. The Duke says "Show me the big show!"
Ah, Ray Hielscher. Just too priceless.
A Call to Arms was a disgrace for Cervesa but not for Duke. In return for first place Duke, let Mr. Bill, Tony Dutiel, and Ron Larson....hmmmm, we don't wanna go there. If the Duke smells what the big show is.....oh man!!!!

The rowdy one is not responsible for any harm inflicted upon the psychological perspective of anyone. This may seem like the Duke and I aren't down wit each otha but we kewl.

Left-Handed Magician has spoken.

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Rowdy Robbie is a freelance writer from Alliance, Nebraska.