Dukey's Football Challenge!

After Dukey's amazing week 4, he became human again missing 4 games this week. Dukey did manage to pick a few upsets however, including Minnesota's shocking rout of the Pack. Even after a dissapointing week, it's still safe to say that Dukey is "money" when it comes to predicting the NFL games. His record for the year is still standing strong at 56-12. The week 5 games Duke missed were Detroit-Chicago, Oakland-Arizona, San Diego-Indianapolis, and the game that nearly everyone missed, San Fran and Buffalo.

Week 6 provides many close games that are tough to predict, but after Dukey's weak week last week, look for him to bounce back strong and return to his week four form that we know he will. If you think you can top Duke this week, go ahead and enter your picks but you know you won't win!

Dukey's (expert) Predictions

(home team in caps)

DALLAS over Carolina
ARIZONA over Chicago
Denver over SEATTLE
NEW ENGLAND over Kansas City
N.Y. Jets over ST. LOUIS
Pittsburgh over CINCINNATI
OAKLAND over San Diego
San Francisco over NEW ORLEANS
Tennessee over BALTIMORE
Washington over PHILADELPHIA
N.Y. GIANTS over Atlanta

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Dukey's five-star guide to the games!

Sunday's Games

Carolina @ Atlanta 12:01 **
Dallas @ Washington 1:01 ***
Detroit @ Chicago 12:01 ***
Miami @ NY Jets 1:01 ****
New England @ New Orleans 12:01 ***
N.Y. Giants @ Tampa Bay 4:15 ***
Oakland @ Arizona 1:05 ****
Philadelphia @ Denver 2:15 **
Leaf @ Manning (S.D. at Ind.) 12:01 *****
San Francisco @ Buffalo 1:01 ***
Seattle @ Kansas City 7:20 (ESPN) ****

Monday's Game

Minnesota @ Green Bay 7:20 (ABC) ***** 1/2