Dukey's Webpage Empire

a wise man once said...

"Don't mess with Duke!"

Duke's (sweet) Webpages:

Alliance Discgolf: a site dedicated to the sport of discgolf in Alliance, Nebraska.
Cannon Falls Discgolf: Discgolf in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.
The Sweetest Site on the Web: Duke's first ever webpage, hasn't been updated for lightyears. A webpage fossil.
RAFSA : Redfield and friends Scrabble association.
Mr. Bean: Dukey's Mr. Bean webpage.


Star Wars: The Phantom Zone - a site dedicated to the Phantom Menace and the other two Star Wars prequels. (launch date - July 7th)

Son of Sweet: The official website for the film "Son of Sweet." Site will also include Soggy Baby Cone Disease Part III, Get Sweet Buddy and Good Times & Great Hits. (launch date - late July)