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Hannah's Bend Park is located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota just next to the Cannon River. The disc golf course is fairly new (just built in June of '97). It offers nine senic holes with duel tees (Red and White). The course par for nine is a generous 34. It is a short course with the longest tee being just 330 feet (#7). Number three is the shortest at 165 feet.

This probably wouldn't be too much of a challenge for pro d-golfers. But you never know. On windy days, this course can be evil. And always be catious about the river lurking for prey on holes 2, 3, 4, and 5 (it has claimed many round-shaped objects with the word "Innova" on it). This course did host a pro tournament ("The World's Toughest Doubles") I'll list the dates of all other tourny info here as it becomes available.

If you live in Minnesota, you should play this course at least once. It is probably the best course you've never heard of! And it will only get better. They are planning to make some changes this Summer to make this course specail.

Hannah's Bend Park Disc Golf Score Card

1- 2- 3 - 4 - 5 - 6- 7 - 8- 9 - Total

Red - 200- 305 -220 -255 - 265 -290 -330 -290 -250 - 2405'

White- 180- 225 -165 -175 -200- 220- 215 -240- 215- 1835'

Par - 3- 4 - 3 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 5 - 4 - 34

Discgolf League '98, June 3rd to September 15th - R.I.P.

September 15th, 1998 was a bitter-sweet day for Mike Kimmel. Bitter for the fact that the Cannon Falls Discgolf league came to a close for the season. But sweet because he claimed once again, that he is the best discgolf player in the Cannon Falls area. Yes, 2 seasons of discgolf league. 2 championships for Kimmel. Kimmel also took home his second doubles crown with the help of his partner, Luke Redfield.

'98 was a season to remember. There were two recorded aces this year including Kimmel's bang from hole number nine (longs) that shocked everyone. Tom Fehon was the other lucky one who aced number 2 (shorts) late in the year. Both players took home a nice sum of cash from the ace pool. There were also many great shots worthy of cash but unfourtunately, did not come from the tee box. Thanks to Tom Fehon and Dan Stock for the river shots!

With this season came a few new faces to the league. But eleven people is still a weak showing. Hopefully, more people will show next year. If anyone would like info on league e-mail me ( We'd love to have you. The league should get underway next May.

Thanks to all who made this year a success including Fehon, Wooley, Sutherland, Stock, and Redfield. And until next year, the burning question remains, "Who can stop Kimmel?" We'll get another shot next year. Until then, Kimmel, "You DA MAN!"

Final Standings


1. Mike Kimmel 2. Scott Sutherland 3. Luke Redfield 4. Joe Wooley 5. Tom Fehon 6. Scott Kimmel 7. Pat Madden 8. Dan Stock 9. Matt Sweeny 10. Mike Sutherland 11. Dick Stock


1. M.Kimmel/Redfield 2. Fehon/Wooley 3. S.Kimmel/Sweeney 4. Stock/Madden 5. Sutherland/Sutherland